My Brain.

So, I noticed this iOS in The Car video from Germany. Aside from being *slightly* informative- It is the most boring thing I have ever seen. I don’t understand what the triple repeat of every action was for…? It wasn’t the same thing from a different angle/same audio played 3 times… these were all different takes repeated. I only watched the whole f*cking thing because it had me curious as to what the H*ll they were doing. The only interesting thing about this video, is that in a few shots, you can see the redline on the tach was just under/right around 5K, which means this was a diesel engine… in a model that we as Americans won’t be getting, of course. (But it still made me hard).
Why can’t we have the 2.1 Twin-Turbo Diesel in their smaller cars? We get it in the E Class, which is amazing, but why not give it to us like they give themselves- in the CLA & C250? Sh*t, they have even smaller cars with a plethora of diesel engines. I want that.
Ummm… Did I just land so far away from where I started…? In reading back… Yes. Yes I did.

Anyway, here’s the stupid video.

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