My list of demands…

The following is the exact text I just sent my BFF & the chick he is banging. She is “The Hot Blonde One”. The “Larva” I referred to is my God Daughter. And then there’s a lot of ME in there too. 

And then he texted me back…
“Now, tomorrow’s trip will be 96 miles. That’s 3 gallons of fuel each way. And at $4.xx a gallon, that’s $25. I will expecting cash, because I am not made of money- Ryan is. Also, I padded that estimate because I’m a dirty Jew. I of course will be needing the blonde hot one to do a fluff & fold on a basket of laundry. And as well, I’m out of toilet paper and plastic ware/paper plates and will be needing to go to a $$.99 Cent Store. And, my, I almost forgot, $5.00 so Larva and I can get some more makeup for pretty night. I think I’ll stay Sunday night, if you don’t mind, so I can take her to school on Monday.
That is all. 
That is all for now.
His response is the picture below. 

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