@Netfix “Beyond”

Dear @Netflix,

I’m different than your average movie/TV watcher. I have a ridiculously photographic memory and I can therefore pick out edit errors or inconsistencies like crazy. So, as an employee of yours with the job title of, let’s say, “Continuity Editor”, I’d be your favorite person. But as just a regular guy who picks up every single inconsistency or mistake or time error mistakes, I’m just plain annoying. With that said, you did an amazing job with “Stranger Things”. I don’t think there was a single mistake. Seriously. And that must have been hard. All that 80’s stuff was timelined totally correctly. #Impressed. But listen, I just watched S1E1 of “Beyond” with my gay, homosexual, male boyfriend and I picked out a few issues. A few were time line. A few were annoyingly bad edits. Real quick: They’re in the car and his hair is all wet and laying on his forehead. Camera goes to her. Camera goes back to him and his hair is all pushed back. Camera goes to her. Then goes back to him and his hair is back again to laying on his forehead. Another one real quick if I may: She’s at the bedside of whomever the unconscious old man is and she’s talking to him and then she get’s text message responses from him to her phone. After responding twice, the camera shows him from over her shoulder, and if you look at her phone, it has 3 texts on it. Not surprisingly, when he responds to her the third time, it’s exactly what we were already able to see on her phone’s messages screen. There were about 20 errors in all.

I like the show. Can’t wait to binge watch while said gay, homosexual, male lover boyfriend is at work making money so I can stay home and watch TV. But I think you should hire a continuity editor. People (freaks) like me rarely miss a mistake.

With respect, @VocalVirgo.


“Beyond” editing.

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