• Jake T.

    August 19, 2019

    Holy crap that’s beautiful! Is it a rebuild or new new?

    • VocalVirgo

      August 27, 2019

      It’s brand spanking new. But it is incredibly old school. The cylinder and chamber are ceramic coated, and it has an “emissions system”, lol, (a simple plastic charcoal canister like all modern bikes, which I don’t like… and I’m a freakin’ treehugger!) but other than that, it is the same bike. Still carbureted, still has a choke of course, you have to lock the handlebars from underneath at the frame, it has a kick starter, LOL… and it has a drum break in the back. Also has old-school manually adjustable suspension in the rear. It was discontinued in 1982 (by Honda) but was never stopped being produced from the factory that actually built them for Honda. With Honda’s blessing, they were allowed to keep building them so long as they sold them under another name. They finally made it over here to the US (50 State compatible) via Alliance Power Sports in 2012 and their last year here was 2018. People just don’t want a “little” 150cc in a world of 300cc and 400cc bikes being considered “starter bikes” for new riders. Aside from the VanVan by Suzuki (also discontinued as of this year), the smallest street bike you can get is a 250cc and they are few. Even the new Honda Rebel (GORGEOUS, by the way) is using the 300’s thumper (actually only 286cc). If Hyosung is still making and selling in the US, then they would also have a 250cc V-Twin (but I don’t care enough to see if they’re still around, lol… I’m allowed to say that because I owned 2 of them, a 650 & a 250). Other than that, everyone, even brand new riders are looking at 300cc and up. That’s not necessarily bad, but some people, even most people don’t need a 300cc or a 400cc or a 500cc motorcycle in general, and also as a first bike. I’m not sure why everything in America just gets bigger bigger bigger. I am having a blast with my LITTLE 150. It’s totally true: it’s more fun to ride a small/slower bike fast then it is to ride a fast bike fast. I haven’t taken mine out on the highway yet, I’m waiting until I’ve done a proper break-in, but I’m assuming the top speed is about 65 mph as advertised, which is fine because I’m not a big fan of highway riding, especially long distances. I’d rather take the back roads and canyons. But I can tell you this, I seem to be getting more than the advertised 85 miles per gallon. I can update you on that when I fill up next time. It might be a few weeks though, LOL.
      Okies, enough of me going on.
      Thanks for liking the bike. It’s actually really sweet :-).


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