No More P*ssy. Well, not ONLY p*ssy.

I resigned from “volunteering” for this “non-profit” that I was gladly a part of for a year. It wasn’t the animals- it was the b*tchy people that ran the thing. Anyway, it’s been only a week and I just started working with this other organization that ROCKS. Nice people, honest and true “for the animals” attitudes and super great facilities for the rescued Uglies. 

But get this- they hate the place I just came from. I mean, they f*ckin’ hate those people. And they told me some stories… oooooh. 
Anyway, I just wanted you all to know I’m not just helping cats anymore. Now it’s all sorts of animals. Today I held a rehabilitated jack-rabbit. Poor guy, he can’t go back out to nature though… :(.
I’ll keep you messy Wh*res abreast of my Ugly Adventures. And of course, my sex life. Wow- think of all the different species of animals I get to fondle now! Not just p*ssies!!!

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  • Anonymous

    December 4, 2013

    Dude, UR fuckin funny as He'll. when do we get more YouTube videos??!


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