is listing items with very wrong specs…

I was doing my Jewish thing and looking at the semi-great deals on, and noticed a decent deal on a Skypad Alpha2 Android Tablet. I looked at the specs they had listed and noticed they were very incorrect. I wrote them an email, so let’s see if they respond. A good business will respond within 24 hours. A bad business won’t, and keep on selling… I am a tech geek, and if I ordered this and it didn’t have all the things listed, I’d be pissed, and want to smear my poo on them ’cause it would be a hassle. Here is a copy/paste of the email I sent them. I’ll keep you posted and we’ll see if they respond:
“The specs you have listed for one of your items is very wrong. The “Skypad Alpha2″ you have advertised for $140 has a mixture of all the best specs from the first Skypad Alpha and this new one, the Skypad Alpha2. I don’t know if that’s on purpose of not, but it would be pretty bad if someone bought this thinking it had all the specs you listed. This goes beyond false advertising….. :(. I hope you’ll do the right thing by your loyal and fanatical customers.”

(i could have been hurt in the purchasing of this item in the screenshot)

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