Off contract, Back off my rocker…

Hi Kittens!

So as of Jan 2, 2016, I will no longer be in any kind of contract and can go back to doing my hilarious (my opinion is fact) Sit Down videos. What contracts, you ask? I can’t say nada about them until the 2nd of January, but after that you’ll get it, and get why I haven’t done those in almost 2 YEARS!! Ugh, you’ll get it when I explain it.

Anyway, I will also be going on the road F/T in my motorhome starting about then, so it should just add to the opportunities of ridiculous situations that I can get myself into and or blog about. And God help people across the country if I have my video camera on me. Just imagine what kind of crap I can get into if I’m at some trashy RV park. In the bathroom. With my camera. And an Internet connection. #Heaven.

I’ll just leave you with that for now. Don’t forget to poke me after you hashtag me with a thumbs up and a +1 and… Did I leave anything out? Oh f*ck it. Just poke me.

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