Open letter to Volkwagen regarding defeat device. Smog Scandal.

Dear Volkswagon,

It has been a few weeks since the crazy “defeat device” issue, which I like to call “Smog Scandal” came to public light. I have a few things to say about it.

I have owned 2 TDI’s, the second being my current vehicle. I owned the first one for 15 years and sold it to an extraordinarily happy guy last year and bought myself a new one. The reason I bought a new one instead of keeping the one that I had for the past 206,000 miles is because I wanted to grab the last of the non AdBlue vehicles. The DEF after-treatment is something I didn’t want to deal with. So, off the my local VW I went. I paid $4,195 more for the TDI I purchased than it’s gasoline comparison. I chose the “Value Edition”, which was a base Jetta but with the diesel drivetrain. There were few other differences. And The Value Edition was only offered for a single model year, 2014.

I 100% bought this car over any other 2014/2015 car sold in America because it has an extremely long life, gets phenomenal fuel milage, is torquey as H*ll, and was cleaner than most other cars sold in America.
If the fix for this software scam in any way affects any of those factors, I would demand a buyback. I think a lot of people would. Other owners may be fine with some sort of rebate or a good old fashioned check in the mail. But that’s not me.

I am sure that there is no way for this problem to be fixed without it effecting power output/performance, MPG, reliability/longevity of the engine and exhaust system.

I love driving my vehicle. It’s like a dirty little secret (no pun intended, seriously) other people with regular cars don’t know about. It’s this fast, fun, car that handles really well and has gobs of torque that also happens to deliver 50+ MPG (my average is 52 MPG).

If any of that changes, I don’t want it. I didn’t buy a Civic or Corolla. I bought a TDI. If it doesn’t have 140 HP, 236b/ft Torque and still deliver my actual real world MPG after you implement a fix- whatever fix that may be, I want you to buy back my car for exactly what I paid for it.

Please consider doing the right thing by every one of your almost 500,000 TDI owners who are affected by this scandal. Please don’t do the minimal possible required. Go the extra mile on this one, for our sakes, and yours.

Proud TDI owner,
Virgo Degan


  • Anonymous

    February 26, 2016

    they really fucked us. we're going to end up with slower, less efficient, and higher maintenance with shorter life vehicles. they better REALLY compensate us.

  • VocalVirgo

    April 5, 2016

    Yes. And Yes. And Yes.

  • Anonymous

    May 2, 2016

    Did they ever respond to your letter?


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