Yup, it’s true. Apple Maps still sucks.

So I decided to get Apple Maps to try and turned off Google maps. Besides the fact it only gives you about 300 foot warning before  any turn- it still sucks. It had me get off the highway, go around a very beautiful country loop for about 6 miles/20 minutes and then it had me completely backtrack and get back on the same damn highway. For no reason.

I’m  just surprised after all these years, they still can’t get it right.

And just a side note: dictating this entry with Siri was almost as bad as getting driving directions from Apple Maps. I had to go back and make so many corrections that it wasn’t even worth dictating this in the first place.

I just thought I would start off your Saturday morning with a little funny… :-). #YoureWelcome

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Look what I saw today at a gas station! These nice people in a motorhome were fueling up and I approached them so I could molest their two #UglyDogs. We got to talking and I found out they had this one year-old baby Eastern Box Turtle hybrid! The mother turtle laid the egg right in the lad’s hand last year. They went out and bought an incubator and boom- this little guy hatches out a few months later…And they have two humongous cats! I was so glad they invited me inside to take video of the cats, because they are unbelievably humongous. Pictures to follow… But for now, look at this cute little guy!