Google+… Another one bites the dust.

3 weeks until Google Plus (G+) shuts down. Better create an archive by April 2nd if you want to keep anything/everything. 

Man, Google has started and then shut down a lot of services in its history. More than any other company that still stays in business. Know why no one else starts a new social media platform similar to Facebook? Because they’ll fail. As long as there’s a Facebook, there will be no other. And we can all thank Friendster for this social media phenomenon- they started the whole thing.

Hymer just killed Roadtrek and left 900+ people out of work.

Holy sh*t, Roadtrek just got shut down because f*ckin’ Hymer lost all their money and faked a whole bunch of income and assets that they did not have. And then borrowed against it. And since Hymer bought Roadtrek barely 2 years ago, Roadtrek just got closed down. Even though they’re in Canada, Roadtrek was an iconic and beloved American Class B Van for the past many many decades. Shame on you Hymer. You guys sucked from the moment you came into North America. I hope you get sued like crazy. And I hope to God it all goes up for auction and another RV company buys it, kills off you’re stupid, unreliable, cheaply made Hymer vans, and keeps all of the Roadtreks in production and for sale. If not, you’re stupid *ss North American manager literally just killed an American/Canadian loved and iconic Class B van that has been around forever. Hymer – you suck. And I hope you plan to do something for the 900+ people that found out with no notice that they had no jobs to come back to you on Monday, and no severance pay. Have I already said that you completely suck Hymer? Shame on you. Go back to Germany and continue making your beautiful trailers and don’t feel bad about f*cking up stuff for us North Americans who are huge Roadtrek fans. I hope you all get crabs. Big ones that bite. Hard.

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

Yesterday someone went into Joshua Tree National Park and went into a no driving/camping/walking area by cutting the chains on the gate. This huge area is closed off for the purposes of Habitat Restoration. Then this person/persons proceeded to go 4-wheeling over dozens of acres, and then… wait for it… *cut down a 400-year-old Joshua tree*. There was no staff there because the government is shutdown.

I am disgusted.
Thanks for holding hundreds of thousands of government employees hostage, Donald Trump. Someone raised you wrong. There is something wrong with you.