Facebook considers me a “Brand”, “Product” and/or “Celebrity”. So they have notified me that converting my former Profile to a Page was the appropriate action. That sucks, because I sure do miss chatting you filthy f*cking wh*res up on your Facebook Walls… which I can’t do anymore. I feel like the horniest guy in the room, but I have no d*ck. Yeah. That’s what it feels like.
Please post on my Wall so I can sexually harrass you guys. 🙂

+Ann Couter & Drugs & my 3 cents.

I just watched something with a chick named +Ann Coulter in it and the chat was abut legalizing drugs. I’m pretty sure she’s the chick that most people hate because she’s a b*tch, but (and don’t shoot me) she made a few good points. The other guy did as well… So it makes me wonder: can’t we find a balance? There are pros & cons to this issue, but maybe the best solution is to take the best parts of the debate in general and find solutions together, no mater what side they came from. I guess I could say this about lots of important subjects. I sort of feel like we should just all TRY and get along and be good to one another. Seriously. Or maybe I’m living in a fantasy world in my tiny brain.