Real Quick: #TruckDriver side-swiped me on purpose and took off.

#HitandRun.For the *

For the *sshole in the semi (18 wheeler) who used his truck as a weapon against me yesterday on a Pennsylvania Highway: You, Sir, can suck my larger-than-average white d*ck. You could have killed me and other people on the road. Keeping my van down on all 4’s was only doable because I learned how to do so safely in a situation like that via a defensive driving course. The fact that I didn’t roll over was a godsend because I like my life. And my family loves me. And I have a boyfriend who loves me. And a cat that I adore and I believe he adores me back. And I have 2 pet rats (who were with me when you side-swiped me) and some turtles too. I LOVE my life and I think you did not care that what you did could have ended it. You are a scumbag of a human. And then you drove away. Didn’t think I’d be able to get back on the road and follow you until the police got there, huh? And you thought by exiting the highway and getting back on in different directions FOUR times- you would lose me? You’re dumb. Thanks to my evasive efforts my van was only cosmetically damaged and I was still able to follow your stupid *ss. To my delight, the Pennsylvania Police forced you to the shoulder (what were you thinking not stopping for them??!). And I was tickled even more when they got you out of your truck and cuffed and arrested your dumb *ss. That was very rewarding o see that. (You didn’t seem humiliated, which makes me think you’re #Pyscho). Hope you enjoyed your night in the #PigPen and I hope you felt the burn when you had to pay a HUGE amount for the Tow and the HUGE amount for the impound. Big Rig = Big money. And now, of course, you’re gonna haffa pony up for the damages to my vehicle. You. Are. F*cked. And you deserve all of it.

What you did was unbelievable, and worse yet, you had no remorse when the police asked you to explain.

See you in Court, #NutJob.


To my #Stalkers and #VocalVirgo’s reading this: I REALLY want to post the pictures and videos, but my Insurance Company said no-no. But I’m allowed to #Blog about it! :-). SERIOUSLY, this was an incredibly dangerous situation and it happened really fast. People could have been hurt or killed. This kind of sh*t is no joking matter. Don’t #RoadRage people no matter what they do or how they drive.

I’m glad to be safe, and back on the road headed home. Everyone drive careful. Keep your eyes on the road and hands off your phones. (Having your hands on your downstairs-parts is OK though.)