You’re in for a treat kids.

Here’s the Sit Down I had with my favoritest DQ, Lady Vajayjay. She was every bit as b*tchy, funny and wh*rey as all those Sailers said. Plus, Connie was there and was a f*cking mess. Bestest. Sit Down. Ever. (Um, it was my first Sit Down, so…. f*ck her, there’ll be better ones to come!)

(no one was harmed in the making of this video… except the yam… the yam, was pretty scared.)

My heart hurts for this poor iPhone 4S…

This nice lady is replacing her new iPhone 4S on the right with the *brand* new iPhone on the left, here at the Apple Store. And for good reason: it took a drop down 2 flights of concrete stairs. Ouch to the poor iPhone and ouch to her wallet. She has to pay full price for the new f*cker, to the tune of $700! My *ss aches just thinking about it. It also aches for other reasons as well. I let you perverted wh*res ponder that one.

(only 1 iPhone was hurt before the taking of this photo)