Remember this story… and then Facebook just HAD to be FACEBOOK.

Remember the story of the guy who jumped in the water to save this lady’s little dog? It was so heroic and lovely. Well, a series of photos were put up on Facebook to show the story, and Facebook took down a few of them because the rescuer was in wet undergarments. I’m pretty sure that viewers didn’t care that they could sort of see his skin through the wet undies. I mean, really, Facebook? C’mon! This was a beautiful set of photos. And there was such a happy ending to this. Facebook really does suck my b*llsack dry, they do. What happens when someone posts a painting they did and it shows breasts or David like features? Do they take it down?
I need a volunteer to Post a picture of David on their Facebook. 🙂

Anyway, here are the photos of the rescue. The d*uchie move by Facebook is obvious in the series.

(thank God the puppy wasn’t harmed in the taking of these photos)

WARNING if you shop 99cent Store on Wlishire/Fairfax:

It seemed like a crazy bargain, the big sized Kraft Salad Dressings for .99cents yesterday. I was in line to grab me a few. But it smelled funny when I opened it and put it on my salad last night. Today, I looked to see what the date was on it, because I was about to use it again and it really did smell weird- “May 19 2010”. Zoom in on this picture, it’s unbelievable.
I called the store to warn them, and the manager didn’t seen too interested telling me “It’s fine”. I insisted she look to see if there were more that were expired and she said “We got a shipment yesterday and we offer you these big bottles for 99cents, I don’t know why you complain.” I told her someone could get sick, especially an elderly person or an immune deficient person. Finally she says “I’ll take a look and if they are expired I’ll remove them.”
Should she have needed persuading to do the right thing??
FYI, 2 weeks ago one of their stand-alone freezers had warm, thawed “frozen food” that they put on sale for 2 for .99cents (instead of 1) to get rid of them. Thankfully, I watched as people grabbed a few, but then after a few seconds of looking perplexed, then realizing they were warm, put them back. A customer insisted they close off that freezer full of food that was probably spoiled. They taped it up.
Also, I should note, the other bottle of Salad Dressing I got yesterday expires June, 2012.
I want my .99cents back. That’s enough for a bl*wjob in my part of town.

(i wasn’t hurt in the leading-up-to of this photo-moment…. but imagine the sh*t I would have had if I’d eaten more of this!)