Twitter’s down. Boo.

But I guess not anymore if you are reading this on Twitter… so… never mind.
PS: I like how they tried to cover up a server crash/fail/whatever to “scheduled maintenance”, lol. It took 20 minutes for them to get the “maintenance” page up. Why can’t people/companies just admit when they’re having an issue instead of trying to keep up appearances? I’ll never understand this.
PPS: I’m still horny.

From this…
To this…
(no one was hurt during the taking of these pictures. but we thinks people probably j*erked *ff or d*ldo’d themselves out of boredom)

I promised I wouldn’t post this. So don’t tell him.

This came out of no where. And I ran with it. I wish I was one of those people who believes that some things should just be edited, but I’m not. But I bet Clay wishes I was, cause there’s his name, in all it’s wh*rey glory. A big “You’re Welcome” to you Clay Niccum! And a Thank You in advance for not suing.
(No one was hurt during the making of this conversation. But I’m sure I will be, for blogging it.) 

Homo hater and Blacks too!

Look, I like everyone, and everyone knows that. But I LOVE making fun of everyone too! It’s my life’s goal to make everyone laugh at themselves, me and you :).
This was one of the more funner message exchanges I had on Facebook… you know, before they closed my 4th account. Have I shared with everyone how much Facebook can suck on my b*llsack?

(no one was insulted during the making of this conversation. however, someone did get pee’d on)