And NOW I have something interesting to say….

Now look, I’m not a big complainer…. unless you c*m before I do and then you want to stop. But I mean, I gotta say something about these “Twitter Eggs”, as my small brain likes to call the because they never have any profile pictures attached- just pictures of eggs, Twitter Eggs. Anyway- why is it that after I post, I then get a bunch of Twitter Spam from these Twitter Eggs? Will someone please explain to me how this works? I’m a techie, I’ll understand I swear. But what is the deal? Do these people or computers just make a Twitter account and then send out spam to whoever just posted and then cancel their accounts? I mark “Spam” on every single one I get. The only time I didn’t is because, and I admit it was bad form, some girl Tweeted that she wanted to show me her boobies. I fell for it. It was an iPad giveaway, not boobies. Most people would have taken the iPad, but I felt cheated.

Good Morning F*ckers!

I have nothing else to convey this morning except that. See, that’s what happens when I start a Blog with no real agenda. Just like to talk. That’s it. Maybe once in a while something interesting or useful will come out. But not this morning. Just “Good Morning F*ckers!”
Now go away, I have to wash my b*lls. And I may trim my *ss-hair as well, it’s a little stubbly.

Bad editing.

I’m watching this movie called “And Then There Was One” and right in the beginning, 4:06, the boom drops down into the shot. It’s kinda funny. Doesn’t anyone realize these things before the film is released? I’ve seen dozens of movies with terrible continuity errors. I know there has to be a website showcasing these blunders.
That is all. You may now go back about your business. Which was probably sexual. Thank You Jesus.

The one and only: 14 minute long Vlog.

It’s true, I talked for 14+ minutes. More like babbled. Normally, I would not have watched the video first, but I did because I thought I’d have to edit the first 1:50 out…… but then I was like “F*ck it, my big motto is ‘Life is Random’ so I’ll just leave it that way.” My BIG thing is to not edit anything… life is too edited, I hate that. Just ‘show up and be you’ is the thought that has kept me going forever, so…. no editing.
This Vlog is long. I recommend you bring your laptop or Smart Phone with you when you make your next BM, that’ll be the perfect time to watch this.
And as always…. You’re Welcome.

Holy Balls! I slept 12 hours… and there’s more…

I took a pill at 1. I decided I would rather watch Netflix than go to bed, so I compromised- I watched it in bed on the laptop. Then I went out to get something to eat. Del Taco had an unbeatable deal on 3 big fat Mexican things stuffed with a ton of sh*t for $5. I got that. Came home, crawled back into bed thinking “I’ll never be able to eat all this.” The last thing I remember is putting a taco in my mouth (and not in the way I did with my second girlfriend- this taco I was going to enjoy) and then I woke up at *3 PM* with fast food wrappers all over the bed, an opened laptop with a dead battery and my cat trying to lick the inside of my open mouth for scraps.
I ate all if it and then passed out like a common drunk.
I’m just as surprised as you.

This photo is minus the cat in my mouth…

Diesel Volkswagon gets 64.41 MPG, and this is how…..

There is a guy in San Diego who today, on the cult followed VW Diesel site “” claims that on 12/30/2011 he drove his car 55 MPH for 1000.3 miles and got a whopping 64.41 MPG. He has a fully stock 2003 Jetta TDI. He inflated the tires to max. pressure and used cruise control to stay at an electronically exact (almost) 55MPH. Apparently he did this in a single trip, over 20 hours long.

I’m a tree-hugger myself, and have been guilty of over-inflatting the tires and drafting, but this guy has some serious time on his hands! Where did he pee? Seriously…. where did he pee?

(photo credit: