Palihouse or Flex

So I just got invited out on a date for tomorrow night. My choices were to join at a birthday gathering at a place called Palihouse or to meet up later for coffee at a place called Flex. I had never heard of either of them so I told perspective blind date to give me two minutes while I googled/yelped each one. I googled, I yelped. And then texted back saying that Palihouse is actually beautiful. And of course I asked if the friends that were having a birthday party there were from out of town because it’s also gorgeous hotel, not just a gorgeous restaurant. Then I googled/yelped Flex. Huge mistake. Huge. I’ve now lost my appetite. Are there places still like this in operation? And you know what – the fact that somebody would give me a choice between a really beautiful restaurant and a dank and dark sex club/spa/leather place/I don’t know what, makes this person pretty askew. So after reviewing both places on Google and Yelp, My choice: Neither. I don’t want to go out with somebody who offered to take me for “coffee” at a g*ddamn f*cking sex club. What in the world are people thinking? I have a super open mind with no judgments, however this is dating. Not porn hub. And yes. I know what porn hub is. 99% of my single friends visit porn hub on a nightly basis. Let’s just say I like to be informed. Let’s also just say they failed to tell me what the f*ck Flex was. And now I feel stupid. The end.

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  • Anonymous

    April 3, 2016

    That's funny. You talk the talk but you can't walk the walk. You're probably actually the sweet nice kind person who loves smack talking online. I'm not giving you shit about it, I just think it's funny that you live in LA and I've never heard of flex. I guess that means you're good boy after all.


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