Polliticall- the blog

I posted a link to a blog that I thought was written by a very dedicated person… Although I don’t know anything about politics whatsoever I just thought that he really stood hard behind what he believes in and because he really wrote the h*ll out of that blog entry. Well… Since then I’ve had two friends call me and tell me that they think whoever is writing that blog is an idiot and uninformed and is possibly mildly retarded. This is why I don’t do politics. And my friends who called me know that I don’t do politics. I posted a link to that political blog because of how intense it was not because of where the dude stood politically one way or the other. But my Lord people calling out other people about people they don’t even know to call them retarded proves my point, which is: Vote for @VocalVirgo 

Now here’s a picture that should make you smile.

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