and getting #HateTrolled

So earlier today I was attacked by a moderator on He wrote a paragraph about how awful my video was. For no other reason other than to be mean. (It was a YouTube Live video and was a little choppy). His comments were unnecessary. A user replied explaining it was a YouTube Live video. I replied and told him to be nice. He responded with a PM (private message that other forum members can’t see), a threat that if I stuck up for myself again he would ban me from the site. Then he posted another public (in the forum) insult. For no reason- just being mean. I thought it was important and right to screenshot what he had PM’d me and share it with the thread (a thread that I started about my own Camping Van, which is what one of the subjects of the forum is about) so that other members could see that I was randomly being bullied. Only 4 people saw my repost before the guy banned me (calling me names in the process.) Those 4 people emailed me and told me that what he/they did was bullsh*t and they are very disappointed. I live taped the whole thread so that maybe an actual owner of the forum can see what he did. It was really out of line and spiteful. So, are you going to let moderators bully your users?
Photos are in chronological order.
Thank you to “nebulight” for trying to help/explain.
“KeepOnVanning”, you should be ashamed of yourself. I know I’m not the first person you’ve done this to. You make the Forum/Domain itself look bad when you behave like this.

So I again ask: Is it ok for moderators to shut user’s accounts down because the user spoke up when bullied?


Attacking me for no reason.
A nice forum user politely explaining video quality…
@keeponvaning defending his right to keep being a jerk.
Me defending myself and asking troll to try and be nice.
The PM to me with a threat, lol. (I posted this in the forum so everyone could see the #bullying.)
Said Troll deleting my account. (Look closely at the reason. How juvenile, lol!)


Yes- I sent a message to the webmaster, as did a few other users. But if a webmaster/owner gives moderators with bad attitudes this level of allowances, then I don’t think complaints to the webmaster/domain owner would make a difference. And who knows, he may be the same person.

#Trolling and #OnLineBullying is getting out of control.


  • Not Saying

    January 7, 2018

    No shit?! I have been part of that forum since I got my 2014 ProMaster. I actually watched your video linked from the site! WTF is the guys problem? How does he know you don’t have Parkinson’s or something (shaky video) or crappy internet service (spotty video) or are just not good on camera? (anyone who watches your YouTube vids knows that’s not true… so anyway…). What- does he harass everyone who doesn’t have a Masters in photography or cinematography? LOL.
    I’m not leaving my name or email on here because the douchebag will probably delete me too, lol. Also, know that is owned by the same person, so don’t even bother joining that site. God, I’m reading his comments from your screenshots again- what an asshole!
    Who cares. Just keep us laughing in you videos, vocalvirgo! I’ve been your fan since before 2014! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    January 8, 2018

    I’m a member of that forum too, and I’m not putting my name and email in here, sorry vocalvirgo… I’m afraid if I do they’ll retaliate by canceling me too! What a bunch of assholes for letting a single volunteer loser moderator do that. You’re right, not a single person should have that “power”. Fuck them. should be embarrassed. People are starting to talk about this… So good for you!


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