Puppy. Home. Happy.

Well, today I think I did something really good. I found the most amazing and wonderful parents for the little puppy that I “rescued” a few days ago. I wish I could have taken all 9 of the guys puppies and found great homes for them, but this little tyke was the only one left. He’s quite the character too. For the two days that he was here with us, he was just so sweet and so wonderful. He was taken away from Momma a little too early, but it doesn’t seem to have affected him. He’s eating well his bathroom is good, and he’s very happy. He’s extremely clingy, which is normal for puppies that are weaned too early- but we all know I didn’t mind that at all :-). It’s kind of funny how many pictures I took in just two days of a little baby puppy who needed something better. If we could have 100 wishes in this world, one of mine would be that everybody fixes their dogs and cats so that we wouldn’t have this crazy over abundance of unwanted pets. Go to your local shelter and take a look at the dates that some of these animals were brought in. If they’re lucky enough to actually not be euthanized, some of them have been there for months in cages.

I know that the gentleman who I got the puppy from is very angry at me (yes I’ve gotten your voicemails…) because he feels slighted that I took the puppy so I could find it a good home, and that somehow I’m disrespecting him by having done so. But he should be as happy as I am that this one puppy now has an amazing home. He was happy to get rid of the babies, so the way I see it I was helping him to ensure a good home. I don’t really do drama, so I’m just going to concentrate on the good part which is that cute little puppy now has a life long family to grow up with 🙂

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