Puppy video #Fail

I just posted this comment on a selfish lady’s YouTube video of her “Helping” her little Chihuahua dog give birth. She claims to be a licensed breeder and also a veterinarian. Like the rest of them. She has about 3000 scathing comments about her sticking her fingers– plural, into this tiny dogs birth canal to “help”. I kind of want to put a link to the video here, but I don’t want to give her anyway here’s the quote that I left her. Aw f*ck it, here’s the link.

I don’t care if you have a license or not, or if you say you’re a Vet… the dog can give birth on her own without your pitting your fat fingers up her birth canal. Like it isn’t difficult giving birth without you having to clog up her vagina. And why would you breed dogs in this day and age, with hordes of unwanted pets are being slaughtered in shelters because of overcrowding? Get a real job. If you want to make money, sell what comes out of your own c*nt, although I doubt you’d have many buyers.”


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