“Rent-a-Mexican” she says……

One of my dumb-b*tch friends told me to get the offices painted and furnished already before everyone quits. I say “I’m trying to do it right, save resources and our start-up cash- you know, the money I made by bl*wing soldiers their moment back into port. Driving to Long Beach was exhausting. Anyway, so she says “Make it simple, rent a Mexican”. She said it as though there was nothing wrong with that statement. I wouldn’t “rent a Mexican”. I would ask him if would do the work and then when the job was done tell him his work was sub-par (like I do when Candice Cayne is done with “her work” right before throwing her out of my house). Then I wouldn’t pay him. But “Rent a Mexican”? That’s just mean.

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  • Anonymous

    January 9, 2012

    Candid Canyne is like that. But I'm sure she left before you even told her she had to leave. Off to the next guy!!(I kid, I kid)


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