Rumor StrayCatAlliance $

I just heard a very peculiar rumor. That Stray Cat Alliance spent $120,000 of donated money in less than nine months. How is that possible? Or maybe did some of that money go to Christi Metropole’s pocket and/or garage full of cats? I find it hard to believe that they have spent $120,000 spaying and neutering cats in South LA in nine months. Because I was their only trapper and I trapped *only* less than 1000 animals in about six months. They haven’t had a real trapper since. So where the H*ll did the money go? Someone should look at their books. Because I know for fact, (because I still have some of their Google docs) that they bloated how many cats they trapped and spayed and neutered over the course of a few months so that they could get more donations from their boosters. And they lied about it on a TV spot. I was uncomfortable “faking” it for the news story, but Fat Chrusti barked at me. (Chrusti! Perfect typo!)

Well that leaves the good people of South LA with nowhere to turn now. I guess if you want to donate your money to an animal charity you might want to skip Stray Cat Alliance and go straight to or even better- go to the Pet Care Clinic at 2009 W. Slauson Ave. They can use it and they use it well. They also use donations responsibly. 🙂

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