Second stop cross-country, not as nice.

(I safe and secure church parking lot behind bars. Not ideal, but a good stay over for the night.)

Sometimes when you are full-time RVing and have a destination in mind, parking lot stops overnight are inevitable. This one isn’t so bad, just unexpected. The kitty got sick from extreme anxiety driving in the motorhome. I felt really bad so I headed back towards Los Angeles where my spot is and made it as far as a church parking lot. I hate flying, and I think this is 26’s version of flying. And I just can’t bear to put him through it if he hates it so much. Trust me- as a terrible flyer, I can totally empathize with him. So I have a decision to make: not take him or leave the motorhome at my place in Los Angeles and drive my car (without him) and tent my way across the country. I’ll miss the fun and excitement of being in the RV, and will miss my cat too of course, but tent camping is also a lot of fun for me. We’ll see how it turns out. The next few days will tell.


  • Anonymous

    March 29, 2016

    You should give your kitty a little pill to help relax him and put him in a little carrier and covered up and eventually he'll get used to it. I thought you been full timing for a long time? What of you been doing about the cat all this time? Or is it just this time that you got sick? Or has he never liked it?

    • VocalVirgo

      October 25, 2016

      I have indeed been full timing for a very long time. Or at least what seems like forever. And 26 has never really liked it. Now he does travel in a cat carrier, a nice soft one. With a towel over it. And the Radio loud enough so I don’t have to hear him, LOL.


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