I am having my good ol’ diesel smog tested, which is kind of an oxymoron. Anyway, I purposely went to the place that had the most complaints and warnings by fellow Yelp users. I’m just curious what makes people so mean. Anyway, True. Story. This guy is as nasty as Yelpers said he was. Rude. And he kind of doesn’t know what he’s doing. He wants to tail-pipe test my vehicle (diesels are exempt) and he keeps looking around the engine bay like he’s looking for a lost cat. Then he said “What that?” (Not a typo, “what” and then “that”). I answered him by saying “That’s the fuel filter.” Then he asked “It original?” (again, not a typo) And I replied “Of course not. It gets replaced every 20,000 miles.” And then he accused me of “souping up” my baby oil burner because the filter is so shiny. (Um… Really?) Also, he charged me $45 instead of $29.99 even though I had a coupon. When trying to talk with him about it, he conveniently tries to pretend he doesn’t know English. It’s cute.
He is now asking me what I am typing and to please not post anything bad on the social websites. In a way, I feel bad for the guy… 🙁
Good news is, the f*ckin’ diesel passed, duh. Here’s to another 2 years of smog-fee driving.
Who wants Oral?

*Update: When I was leaving, the guy asked me to please post something nice on Yelp. Kinda’ funny.

(my eyes were hurt in the taking of this photo. I mean, c’mon, clean off that engine cover!) 🙂

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