Stray cat style.

OK, as some of you may know I have been feeding this feral cat outside my motorhome since I’ve been parked in Los Angeles. She is absolutely in love with my cat. And my cat and her play in the parking lot and field next door. It’s really cute. And they eat together outside. Since May, I’ve been conning her into coming inside to eat with him. (I was unable to do that prior because my rat Misha had 100% free range of the place and would usually be bouncing around all the time, but sadly she passed in May). Now, we 3 can eat together. Myself at the table, and both cats underneath right at my feet. I’ve even gotten her to come inside on her own without 26 here and eating. I’ve touched her a few times, and she’s not been pleased. And when I hand feed her, she has been whacking me. 1 good whack. I’m not sure if she’s trying to show how strong she is, or if she is trying to get me to drop the food… Either way it f*cking hurts because she has sharp nails. But I don’t sweat it because this poor thing has been living outside for 10 years and has never been loved by a person. However, someone at sometime cared enough to TNR her (trap, neuter, release) because she has an ear-tip (after a feral cat has been TNR’d, the clinic that does the work will cut off the very top tip of one of their ears as a visual notification to other potential well-meaning trappers that “this cat has already been done”). Also, just for a little heartwarming, you should know that when I come home she has been starting to come out from wherever she’s hiding and greet me with her tail up and little tiny little baby meows. She won’t exactly walk alongside me as I approach the RV, but she keeps a consistent distance from me and we walk together. It’s very sweet. She’s very sweet. I don’t want another cat… But how could I not…?

So here’s my dilemma: I’m about to take a much longer all around the country trip and I don’t know if I should leave her here or if I should shut the door behind her one day when she’s eating inside and just make her live with it. My fear isn’t that I won’t be able to tame her, which I know is unlikely, it’s that God forbid she gets out somehow while we’re on the road. My friend who owns the property promised me he will feed her every day during the 4 to 6 months that I’m not in California. So my question for you people’s is: What should I do? 


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