still hoarding cats…

I’m sad to say that one of the animal rescue groups I volunteered and worked for last year won’t do a thing about their own insane cat-hoarding (not to mention the numerous health hazards and laws they’re breaking). A few other rescues offered to help, but they were all ignored. And then the main minion called me “Pyscho” because I was pushing them to do the right thing.
Now, the City has been notified. I pray this forces them to start cleaning out that garage and find homes for these poor kitties… and that none are taken by the City. Because we all know what that will mean for some of them. 🙁
If anyone wants to help by Fostering any of these cats/kittens, please contact Christie Metropole or Avarie Shevin at I’m sure they don’t appreciate me pushing for them to find these 100+ cats proper living situations, but too bad- these are living creatures that deserve respect, in the least, not to mention love and proper care. Just because you take donations for animal TNR, doesn’t mean you should hoard cats in your garage (and use donations meant for helping stray and feral cats) to pay for you secret garage full of cats.
Ladies, call me psycho, but I think I’m more of an animal advocate. 

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