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They have decided that even though there’s something wrong with the hardware, they are going to do a complete system restore, through their iTunes image… And then I have to set the phone up- piece by piece again. And then in a few days, if it still have the same insane battery issues (~15% every hour while IDLE), I can bring it back and they *may* replace the phone. Otherwise, they can take it, replace the battery, and charge me $49 even though it’s STILL UNDER WARRANTY. As much as I appreciate their help, it’s ridiculous that Apple wants to charge me $49 for a battery- for a phone that is still under warranty.

Hey @Google, tell me how much better your Pixel phone is…

@VocalVirgo #Instagram

Hey @uber, this *sshat driver of yours was swerving all over the 580E this afternoon driving 40 MPH. He almost struck several cars. I passed him and looked down at the driver… Guess what he was doing? TEXTING. You should make your App so that it won’t allow for texting while in Driver Mode (except Uber pickup texts, etc.) There has to be a way to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe from your drivers who are interacting with Uber- or anyone else while they are driving.
#StaySafe #notextinganddriving
@lyft has some measures in place. Maybe you should follow their example.