This seller is a d*che…

So, as I troll around on the internet looking for here two great songs I love, from two great artists, I finally found 1- on Amazon. The seller is asking $259 for the CD. It is amazing to me how greedy people can be. The only song on it that isn’t on the easily obtainable CD’s or downloads is the one song you an only get from this CD, as all the other songs are on her other albums. So, knowing this, the seller is a greedy d*uche. He knows that anyone who wants this one song has to buy this CD, so he is hoping to rape your wallet (or purse, if you’re a female or a big homo).
There. I’m done.

(someone’s *ss will hurt if they buy this CD after seeing this screenshot, although no one was actually injured in the making of this screenshot.)


  • Anonymous

    June 25, 2012

    What song is it? "your love is all i know"? that's the only one i've never heard of. i love wendy moten! her xmas cd was pretty good too. she's one of those under-rated singers like lisa fischer (who you openly like) and change' moore and shanice and denice williams…. all the ones that can hit those crazy high notes. And yes, so can you and adam lopez, the 2 male freaks of nature. (I saw and HEARD you're "happy birthday to me youtube video…) that shit's CRAZY!
    i'm sure some dedicated "vocalvirgo" fan has the song you want and will copy it for you and send it to you :).

  • VocalVirgo

    June 25, 2012

    Dear Anonymous:
    Learn to Capitalize, I'm just sayin'. And thanks for feeling my pain. And for calling me a freak. It hurts my feeling. Singular. 🙂
    And yes, that's the song I want. LOVE the way she sings it. It was done by Chaka Khan first, then Chris Walker. And I'm sure many others in between. I may be wrong because I'm just a stupid Blogger :).


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