Total power outage at planet fitness.

So two guys just fell out of the showers-literally and slammed down hard onto the concrete floor in the locker room of the planet fitness Midtown Los Angeles on Venice Boulevard. I saw it happen, it was terrible. I hope they’re OK. 

 just went to the front desk and told them they need to rope off the toilets, sinks and showers so no one can go back there. Not that it matters anyway, they’re hot water is on demand which means there’s no hot water because there’s no electricity, and all of their water pumps are electric so there’s no more water pressure to be had at the sinks or to flush the toilets. 
The staff is running around looking like I really don’t know what to do. I would say slipping and falling out of the showers onto the concrete floor is warning enough that they need to keep people away from what is now considered unsafe without power.
I say this with all respect, I like this gym.

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