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This is our SECOND @apple computer to completely sh*t the bed as soon as we did the software update (like so many other users). One of their technicians tested the entire computer and the whole thing tested fine, no problems with parts or hardware. Apple can do nothing for us. They are, however, willing to replace a bunch of parts, unnecessarily, to see if they can get it fixed that way. On our dime, of course. Again. And the cost is too close to a new computer, and about 5X’s the cost of a good Chromebook. And not to mention my 6 month old iPhone battery lasts about 45 minutes between charges. And yes, they want $89 to replace it. So… is it time to move it all over to @google stuff/ecosystem?

You know, when so many people have updated their computers only to be immediately bricked and ruined and unfixable… How is that not a class-action suit? Are most of us actually dumb enough or too deeply embedded into Apple‘s ecosystem, or just plain don’t have the time… so we just buy another computer? I can understand every 3, 4, or 5 years… But for Christ sakes, their computers have actually gotten more expensive in 2018 instead of cheaper. What to do… ?

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