We went out to eat, and they only delivered one dinner

This is so random, but we went out to eat at this place called Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria and my friend ordered a pizza and I ordered raviolis with meat sauce. They brought his dinner and then she came and refilled our drinks twice. I wanted to see how far it would go until she realized she never brought my dinner. It went this far: my dinner isn’t even on the check, LOL. WTF? She didn’t even question or realize that she forgot to bring my dinner to me. Even seeing that I was sitting there with nothing in front of me.  Yelp: 1 star.




Update: I talked really nicely with the two folks who were upfront at the restaurant and they were so nice and apologetic and were as shocked as we were I guess. And then they insisted I take one of these. It’s for free meal. That was so nice of them.  Yelp: 5 stars.


Amici’s gift certificate

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